As marketing experts, we look at various opportunities to generate more visibility for our online content and leads. Search engine optimization is essential when we talk about traffic generation to our web pages or content. When our content or products are more visible to the target audiences, the chances of sales and lead generation are higher. But when we talk about gated content, it might be more complex to attract more traffic. So, do we generate more traffic for our products or webpage if we use gated content? How will we generate more leads if we do not have organic traffic to our webpage? So, before we get into further discussions, let us first understand what gated scopes.  

What is gated content?  

Gated content is a digital platform where all the data about the company and products are protect or hidden behind a form. The customers must provide information like name, email address, and other contact information. It is a valuable tool for lead generation, as it captures the customer’s data, which will help approach them directly, and then you can give them personalized attention and take care of their requirements. Therefore, if you are looking for lead generation, converting into a real business, or even email marketing, gated content helps you achieve all the goals. So, now we will look at how we can create gated content to boost your lead generation.  

How to create gated content that boosts your lead generation 

  1. Know your target audience – You must identify your target clientele; this will help you decide their needs and wants and what exactly they are looking for, with the help of which you can design your content that caters to their needs. If there is a match, you will engage your target audience more effectively. Another way to attract more attention to your gated content is to segment your audience; as you segment your audience, you can create more relevant data that will cater to their individual needs, and if they see that your page offers what interests them, then they will be eager to share their information on your forms. 
  2. Offer valuable content – As you know your target audience’s needs and the type of content, they would be interested in getting connected with, then provide helpful information that might build more interest in them, so much so that they are ready to share their contact information to know more about the company or the products and services you are willing to offer. Once they see the match in their expectations and your services, then the chances to lead generations are higher.  
  3. Do not ask for too many questions – As you are interested in fetching their information, which would help you promote your content later or in your other marketing campaigns, you must ask minimum questions like maybe the name and email address; this would help make it easier for your target audience, and they would not lose their interest in your content. 
  4. Stay connected with your audience – Once you have captured the critical information about your clients, you must stay connected with them by employing updated newsletters, promotional campaigns or special offers, or upcoming discounts; if you keep the audience engaged with such strategies, then their interest in your products and services or content will remain high, and then they will be interested in purchasing more and more. As you stay connected with your audience, you can build a relationship with them, and they can get the personalized service feel.    


  1. Add an incentive to your gated content form – You want them to fill in the form and share their details with you; therefore, add additional benefits like incentives or discounts or a free trial or subscription period. This incentive would help increase your audience’s interest in sharing and trying their information.  
  2. Promote your gated content – promoting your content is critical, as you want to bring more attention to your page. Therefore, whatever content you have just created, you must share the information on your webpage, social media pages, and other platforms, where you can reach more customers and bring in more attention.  

Final thought  

Gated content protects your information and provides authenticity to your target audience. As you ask clients to share their critical information, you are giving them permission to download and learn about your confidential details like white papers, articles, media, e-books, etc. But if you plan it properly, you will have a higher chance of generating more meaningful leads. The key here is to understand your target audience and plan everything according to their needs and wants. Once you have understand your audience well and create content that caters to them, they will be interesting in sharing their information with you, and then you can connect with them directly.